Major Accomplishments

The members of the Baltimore Chapter have been together for decades and work, think, support and love each other as a family. They open their arms and hearts to all Hawks young, and the not so young. The Baltimore Chapter is always in the mode of giving and helping the university, other chapters, students and a major support to each other. The chapter continues to give monetary gifts every year during the homecoming activities. Additionally, chapter members are always in the posture of recruiting academically sound students to UMES.

1. Established working documents for the Baltimore Chapter: Constitution, Bylaws, and Articles of Incorporation

2. Purchased band uniforms for the UMES Marching Band

3. Given over $40,000 in scholarships to students in the Baltimore Metropolitan Area and Baltimore County

4. Hosted receptions for scholarship recipients

5. Established the UMES Baltimore Chapter Endowment – Market Value of the fund is $30,944.00

6. Given approximately $40,000 over the last ten years to UMES, usually at homecoming.

7. Supports the UMES Jazz Band monetarily when asked

8. Hosted book signing for Dr. William P. Hytche

9. Hosted Welcome Reception for Dr. Thelma B. Thompson

10. Supported the William T. Hytche Legacy Initiative

11. Committed to returning football to UMES, therefore supporters of Hawks for Football

12. Received a $5,000 grant from AAI to increase membership

13. Established two book scholarships per year in the name of Edward Wilkens Scholarship

14. Established one music scholarship per year for four years in the name of Arthur B. Jenkins

15. Established another scholarship endowment in the name of Earl Richardson in tribute to his accomplishments as an
      alumni and president of Morgan State University.  The endowment was started with $10,000.


16. The Baltimore Chapter has stuffed Christmas stockings annually for under privileged children in support of the Angel  
      Tree project sponsored by the Red Cross.  The number of stockings stuffed is determined by the number of years our    

      University has been in existence.  Last year 126 Christmas stockings were stuffed for children ages infant to 12 years of age.

17. Supported the newly formed Thunderin’ Hawks Pep Band, the UMES Choir. Hawks For Football and most recently the UMES       Club Football team

18. Efforts are made to recruit other alumni by hosting Happy Hour gatherings, summer family cookouts, bowling outings and  

      other free events

19. Given approximately $30,000 to UMES since 2009

Note: Much of the history in this report is documented and much of the information was derived from oral history. The Baltimore Chapter is still in the process of researching and documenting some of the details, therefore updates will be forthcoming.

Baltimore Alumni Chapter Slogan: "Here to Make a Difference"